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    Sri R.KarthikIyer is the sole proprietor of Sri KarthikJothidaNilayam. He is a reputed and well experienced progithar and astrologer who has been practising astrology for more than 8 years. His believable and trustable astrology predictions made him famous and brought many clients who visit him regularly to clarify their planetary positions and get advice and guidance for performing various pujas and pariharams. His accurate and correct predictions have helped a large database of his clients to take important decisions in their lives and he has become a most respected astrologer among people. He is the most looked for over progithars in his circle for his astounding manthra chanting and homams. He is known for his timeliness and professionalism. He has contacts with presumed progithars and cooks who can provide excellent services during marriage rituals and temple functions. He also offers his service in making arrangements for marriage contracts in a brief time. His service provides works that are more than perfection that cater the needs of the customers.


    Human Life is so entangled and controlled by common forces which are outside our ability to grasp. Our lives have gotten to be so mechanical and quick paced that we neglect and don’t find time to comprehend certain viewpoints which must be managed profoundly. We at Sri KarthikJothidaNilayam, provides you your astrological and spiritual solutions to beat your challenges and lead your life in all holistic way. Now and then, our fate will show us two ways that are totally different from the path we choose. Our mind gets disturbed with the complex circumstance we face and it make lead us to choose a wrong way or put us into a mental disturbance without able to choose anything. Our astrology has been one of the most accurate ways of predicting an individual’s future.

    We are specialized in astrology predictions, numerology, career forecast, Tamil Jothidam, financial and health related solutions, marital compatibility and other astrological solutions for flourishing and success in your life. We make precise and detailed birth charts and astrological information for our customers who are looking forward to us for their future. Sri KarthikJothidaNilayam is a renowned name in the Astrological field offering its significant services to a number of customers. There are thousands of people benefited by the services offered in Sri KarthikJothidaNilayam. We have been giving our clients better guidance in their life decisions and making their future brighter.


    Jothidam is the traditional Hindu system of astronomy and astrology. It remains as an important facet in the lives of many Hindus. From naming new born to career decisions, moving to new house, starting new business, decisions regarding marriage etc., people follow traditions and rely on astrological concepts. The heavenly bodies and the planets have an influence throughout the life of a human being. Astrology helps to understand and analyse the correlation and movement of planets and starts that influence the actions on Earth. Based on the position of the planet at the time of birth, an individual’s future can be predicted through astrology.


    Sri Karthik Marriage Information Centre is more delighted to help you in discovering right perfect partner for your smart son or lovely daughter. Hindu religion is well known for its culture and traditions. They have very strong family values. Understanding the importance of the value of relationship and traditions, Sri Karthik Marriage Information Centre is doing its best to build a strong marriage and family.

    We offer our matrimonial services for all castes and sub sects in Hindu religion. We know your love for your son and daughter; we understand your difficulties in choosing the right partner for your son and daughter. Sri Karthik Marriage Information Centre is highly trusted and has good reputation among our clients. We have offered our matrimonial services to a long list of customers. We have a large database of brides and bridegrooms with their detailed bio-data. We focus around their horoscope and prerequisites.

    You can register with us by submitting your details with horoscopes and bio-data. We offer you a number of matching horoscopes that may match your requirements. The soul aim of Sri Karthik Marriage Information Centre is to ensure a happy married life. We can likewise help you further by dealing with all the necessities for the marriage which includes arrangements and catering. Our service makes your son and daughter wedding exactly the way you wanted it to be. We are happy to be makingthe most important day of your life unforgettable and delightful.